What makes our Internet awesome?
1- We have 4 upstream internet connections fully redundant!
2- Youtube/Google caching servers locally stored! no internet involved to stream
3- Peering with Seattle Internet Exchange, on-net with most gaming systems.

What makes our Internet Different?
1- We're cheaper!
2- Free ESPN3
3- Free Internet Content Filtering ($35/yr value)
4- In the last 5 years we have never had an outage.
5- SUMO will dispatch to resolve speed issues.

What makes our Phone service Better?
1- We block SPAM/ROBO calls for free!
2- Free voicemail transcription (on $10+ plan)
3- Web administration
4- iPhone/Android applications

What makes our Service Better?
1- We answer our calls. 98% are answered within 3 rings!
2- We dispatch to fix phone adapter issues AND internet speed issues.
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